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A Christmas Fantasy Romance

By Robert C. Powers                             Genre: Romance/Fantasy (G rated)                                                93 pages

 Logline:  A Beautiful Young Woman finds herself an Outsider in the idyllic village of Twinkle which exists as long as its Christmas lights burn bright, and there she meets the perfect man who has plans for her, but the lights go out and she must make hard choices.

 Synopsis:  Leona Camp opens a Christmas light shop in the little town of Actuality; the shop is failing and she doesn’t know what to do. She is distressed by a lack of social life in Actuality and longs for romance 

 Cara, Leona’s mother, disappeared on Christmas Eve when Leona was a baby.  Alfred, Leona’s father, reveals a long-held secret; Sam Sawyer, a friend of Alfred, took Cara horseback riding in the mountains when Alfred, a vet, was supposed to go too, but had an emergency call.  Sam told them that a varmint scared Cara’s horse and it ran off into the forest.  They found the horse, but not Cara. Alfred has not spoken to Sam’s wife, Heidi, all these years.  Sam dies and his son, Gary, Leona’s flame from high school, who has not been around for several years, comes into her shop.  At first, she isn’t ready to resume a relationship with Gary. He’s been gone for three years.    

  Leona and Gary  date, but she isn’t sure about him. Where has he been? Gary’s old nemesis, Claude Stonecreek, reveals the reason Gary disappeared for three years; he was in jail in the next county for beating up a man in a road house.   Problem is, he never told Leona about it, although he tried several times. Leona, who hates fighting, disappointed and sick with frustration, drives up the mountain and wrecks her truck.  She awakens in Twinkle.

Twinkle is a “perfect” village led by Adam, the Creator, that exists for only two days a year, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Only good people approved by Adam, can enter and there has been only one “Outsider” admitted before Leona arrived.  There is only love and harmony in Twinkle; nothing bad, no fighting. Twinkle’s existence is governed by its Christmas lights. Without the lights, the village would fade away.

Leona meets Tomas, a handsome young man, every girl’s dream.  Tomas courts Leona and takes her to see Adam who tells her that if she stays in Twinkle past Midnight on Christmas day, she becomes a “Resident” and can never leave.   Leona falls for Tomas.  Then, she learns that there is a dark side to Twinkle and doubts creep into her mind. Twinkle’s old lights fail and as midnight Christmas Day approaches, Leona must repair the lights, save Twinkle, and decide whether to marry Tomas and stay in Twinkle forever. She discovers that Adam’s wife, Anne, is really her mother, Cara, the Outsider who stayed. She’s overwhelmed with love for her mother, another reason to stay in Twinkle, and Anne has insightful advice for her. Gary searches for Leona and finds the gate to Twinkle.  In an emotional and action filled finale, Leona makes her decision.

Locations:  1) A Christmas Shop 2) Homes 2) A Gas Station 3) Parks 4) Forest 5) A Chapel

Characters: 2 leads, 6 supporting, 19 characters total (some are “double” part, played in “Actuality” and “Twinkle”.

Coverage: TWINKLE is an interesting spin on the typical Christmas movie.  It has the potential to be a captivating romantic drama with a touch of Christmas magic against a vivid cinematic backdrop. The premise offers plenty of tension and beautiful fantasy imagery, while the characters are fun to watch. Cost to produce: medium (Screenplay Readers, Professional Coverage Company)