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Robert C. Powers - Writer

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Alfie's Gift, A Christmas Adventure



Robert C. Powers

The exciting story of how Jesus got to Egypt.


A novellette.

A teenage boy who doesn't believe in Christmas is thrust back in time where his actions threaten to change the Christmas story; as a result, he must save the Baby Jesus from King Herod and find the faith he needs to return home.

An intriguing premise, sympathetic characters and fun action sequences; “Wizard of Oz” meets the Christmas story as the protagonist has to discover the truth of Christmas.  


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Save the Belknap



Robert C. Powers

A collsion at sea can ruin your whole day.


The fast paced story of the collision at sea of a cruiser and an aircraft carrier by the Commanding Officer of the primary rescue ship, with pictures taken during rescue operations.

In November, 1975, the cruiser USS Belknap collided with the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy resulting in a situation where fires on the Belknap threatened a magazine containing nuclear weapons. The guided missile destroyer USS Claude V. Ricketts was designated the primary rescue ship by Commander, Destroyer Squadron 22. Claude V. Ricketts went along the side of the burning and exploding cruiser in rough seas, fought the fires with Belknap’s crew and rescued burned sailors. This is the first person account of that rescue by the former Commanding Officer, USS Claude V. Ricketts (DDG-5). It contains a complete analysis of the collision and its causes.

"A dramatic true story, told with flair. Captain Bob Powers had the experience to know that high standards and relentless training are necessary to prepare a brave crew for anything. An exciting read for all; a must read for those who go to sea."

Rear Admiral R.A.K. Taylor, USN (Retired) Former Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command


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The Legend of Warawa













Camp Chicawa, where the were wolves come out at night.


The Old Scoutmaster weaves his tale around the spooky campfire.  It's all about the young Indian boy who was chosen by destiny to fight the Evils of the Extremes.


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Legend of Warawa, Robert C. Powers, Book - Barnes & Noble





     Old House On The Island

              Second Edition











There was something strange about the old house...


Andy Tyndall, a shy teen raised on a country farm, risks disobedience and danger to overcome a dark family secret, find his love and become his own man.


Click below to order : Old House On the Island A Traditional Family With A Dark Secret Goes to War Robert C Powers Books


Old House On the Island, Robert, C Powers, Book - Barnes & Noble



     The Unknown Horizon







He thought the giant shark would have him until the men in strange ships came along.


The story of a boy of the Chesapeake Nation in Virginia in the year 1607 who had an impossible dream... how through courage and determination he fulfilled the dream that took him on to honored greatness.


An exciting and inspirational story for all ages.


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Barnes & - Books The Unknown Horizon, by Robert C. Powers, Paperback




     Warrior Obsession

              The story of the first SEAL. 







He knew he would have to fight his friend to win his love.


A rollicking WWII adventure.  Tom Traylor was a reckless adventurer.  He became obsessed with the life of the warrior... and it almost cost him his love and his life.  It led him to high adventure... and to a Nazi torture chamber.


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Barnes & - Books Warrior Obsession, by Robert C. Powers, Hardcover Warrior Obsession The First Seal Books Robert C. Powers


Warrior Obsession by Robert C. Powers (0976977346, Hardcover)






         The "WOW" Factor

    The Art of Writing a Novel.







The best book on writing a novel in a long time.




Work with Dr. Bob as he writes the "Rough-Through"  of  "The Unknown Horizon", a story of the Chesapeake Indians in the year 1607 (see above). Learn how to write a novel... using clear examples.


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www.robertcpowers-writer.comisher The WOW Factor The Art of Writing a Novel  Robert C. Powers


Barnes & - Wow Factor The Art of Writing a Novel - Robert C. Powers - Hardcover


The Wow Factor by Robert C. Powers (0976977338, Hardcover)





     Unleash the Eagle










He was sent to find and kill Osama


A riveting account of the terror of 9/11. Gary Quester, a Navy SEAL, is assigned a covert mission to go to Afghanistan, find and kill the Terrorist Leader after 9/11. He uncovers a plot to use WMD on Washington... it's a race to stop the terrorists before they create the ultimate disaster.


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Barnes & - Book Search Unleash the Eagle


Unleash the Eagle by Robert C. Powers (0976977311, Paperback)


     Trail of the Scorpion













The tunnels under Baghdad reveal everything



Gary Quester, a Navy SEAL, parachutes into Iraq before the war to seek the WMD.  He meets an exotic woman who promises to lead him to the WMD.  Sequel to Unleash the Eagle.


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BOOKSAMILLION.COM (BAMM.COM) - Search and Browse Trail of the Scorpion The Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction Books Robert C. Powers


Barnes & - Trail of the Scorpion The Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction -         Robert C. Powers - Paperback




       The High School Gridiron  in the Rocking Fifties.











He had to make this team of tough guys coached by a wildman they called Shotgun. 


High school hijinks, romance and the best in football action. Can the Truckers win the championship? At what cost? Prequel to "Quester".


Click below to order :                                           Books The Perfect Season


Barnes & - The Perfect Season - Robert C. Powers - Hardcover


The Perfect Season by Robert C. Powers (0976977303, Hardcover)





Quester cover-b1.gif (148229 bytes)         Quester

   A Story of the River Wars









He had to prove himself a warrior on the rivers of Viet Nam.


Harry Quester hesitated to go to the River Wars... it seemed like a political war with little glory. Yet, he felt he had to prove himself. Then his best friend was captured by the Viet Cong. He went to the Mekong Delta and suffered incredible hardship to become a hardened river warrior.


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Barnes & - Quester







mud fox cover-final.gif (111192 bytes)     The Mud Fox 

           Ghost of the Jungle












He had a death wish and decided to fight the war his own way.



Sequel to Quester. Allman Buddinger thought "the world" had no place for him, so he went AWOL and fought the Viet Cong his own way. Then he met a feisty redhead and suddenly he had a lot to live for. 

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Barnes & - Mud Fox



Four Seasons Home Page





back dragon cover-red-w.gif (25611 bytes)     Black Dragon













He wanted to get away from war...but, it kept coming back.



Sequel to Quester & The Mud Fox. Harry Quester was tired of war, but he went to Hong Kong to rescue his girl from a ruthless drug lord and found that the Mud Fox had betrayed him.  He stumbles upon a clue to where his long lost Vietnamese daughter may be and goes in search... it takes him back into the war he thought he left for good.


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Barnes & - Black Dragon Books Black Dragon


Black Dragon by Robert C. Powers (1932497013, Paperback)